Care guides

At Central Orthodontics, we believe that anyone can benefit from the amazing transformation that orthodontic treatment can offer. We've put together a few handy care guides so that during your orthodontic treatment, you can receive the care and advice you need whilst you're away from our practice.
We offer advice on fixed appliances, removable appliances, removable retainers and fixed retainers. Click the relevant link below to find out more.

Our care guide for fixed appliances

Our Central Orthodontics team provide care guides for our range of teeth straightening solutions. We have created these to help you care for your teeth and get the best from your treatment.
We offer care and advice on fixed appliances, from advice on brace relief wax, to using interdental brushes and mouthwashes. We want you to achieve the best results from your orthodontic treatments.
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Our guide to removable appliances

When your brace is initially fitted, you may need to swallow more often as extra saliva is produced for the first couple of hours. At first your brace will feel big in your mouth and make eating and speaking more difficult. This should only last for a few days if you wear it all the time. Do not give up!
Read more to find out the problems you may face with your removable appliances, from the foods to avoid to to how to fit and remove your appliance.
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Our care guide to removable retainers

At first the retainers may feel slightly tight and make speaking more difficult. This should only last for a few days.
To keep your teeth straight, you must wear retainers as instructed by your orthodontist. This is normally every night. However, it may be necessary to wear them during the daytime. They are not designed to be worn while eating. During meal times and any other time that they are out of your mouth, they must be kept in the secure container supplied.

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Our guide to fixed retainers

Fixed retainers are best left in place indefinitely if cared for properly. If they are removed or broken, your teeth will move. You should clean your fixed retainer with great care. You should brush over your retainer in a vertical direction with your toothbrush. To help clean between your teeth we recommend using “Superfloss” or an ”Airfloss” (available from “Sonicare”)daily. You must also continue to attend your own dentist every 6 months for a routine check up.
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