Teeth straightening

Our team offer a range of teeth straightening solutions using a variety of braces. We offer fixed appliances, more commonly known as train tracks. Functional appliances, only available to children as these are most effective during stages of growth and aesthetic tooth coloured appliances.

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Fixed appliances

Fixed appliances, known more commonly as 'train tracks', consist of a series of brackets, (NHS are stainless steel), which are glued onto the teeth. They are worn for the duration of the treatment, and must only be removed by your orthodontist.

Treatment typically lasts anywhere from 12-24 months, depending on the severity of the case and can be worn by all age groups.

Functional appliances

Functional appliances are only available to children as they are most effective during active stages of growth. They work by positioning the lower jaw in a forward position, which stretches the muscles of the face and helps to correct protruding teeth.

We use a number of types of functional appliances, but the most common type consists of two parts to allow them to be worn during eating. These are known as 'twin blocks'.

Typical treatments can last from 6-12 months. After this time, additional orthodontic treatment is often necessary to “fine tune” the position of individual teeth.

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Tooth coloured appliances

Tooth coloured braces are an increasingly popular choice with adults and teenagers, as they are less visible than traditional fixed braces. These are available as a private treatment.



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