Our guide to removable appliances

When your brace is initially fitted, you may need to swallow more often as extra saliva is produced for the first couple of hours. At first your brace will feel big in your mouth and make eating and speaking more difficult. This should only last for a few days if you wear it all the time. Do not give up!

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    Problems that may occur


    If the brace is digging in and causing some discomfort, try leaving it out for a few hours and then wear it again. If the problem persists then telephone the practice for advice.

    Broken Brace

    If the brace is broken then please telephone the practice for advice. Do not put small broken pieces into your mouth.

    Lost Brace

    If you loose your brace a charge will be made for its replacement. You may receive a full or partial refund from Forth Valley Health Board, but this is entirely at their discretion.

      When to wear

      You must wear your brace at all times including during meals, when out with friends and at night in bed. Only take your brace out for cleaning, playing sport or swimming. The treatment will finish more quickly this way.

        How to fit and remove your removable appliance

        Make sure that you fit your brace as instructed by the orthodontist. When removing, pull only on the clasps at the side of your mouth with your fingers. Do not use your tongue to remove or insert the brace as this can fracture the metal clasps.

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          Foods to avoid

          Avoid sticky foods, especially toffee and chewing gum, as these can become stuck to the brace and difficult to remove. Sweets and sugary drinks may mark your teeth. Hard food may damage the brace so please cut it into small pieces. At the beginning you will find it difficult to eat, so choose soft foods and cut them up so that they are easier to chew. You will soon manage to eat most things you did before.


            You should take out your brace and brush your teeth and gums in the morning, at night and after meals. Then clean the brace with your toothbrush and put it back into your mouth. After meals when you do not have a toothbrush with you – take your brace out and rinse it under running water. This will clean the brace of loose food and allow you to rinse your mouth as well. You should brush your teeth as soon as you get home.

              Missed appointments

              It is in your own interest not to miss appointments, as your treatment will take longer. Your teeth are also at risk if your brace is not monitored regularly by an orthodontist. A charge will be made for missed appointments or appointments cancelled at less than 24hrs notice.


                If you are concerned about anything related to your treatment, please phone and discuss your query with any of our staff. We will always endeavour to see anyone with pain related to their appliance. This may be because your brace has broken or has become loose. As this is a busy practice, we would be grateful that you always contact the practice and arrange a time to be seen rather than just arriving at the practice hoping to be seen. You can reach us at Stirling 01786 475997 or Falkirk 01324 621130.

                  View our care guides

                  We offer care guides for advice between appointments.