Our care guide to removable retainers

To keep your teeth straight, you must wear retainers as instructed by your orthodontist. This is normally every night. However, it may be necessary to wear them during the daytime. They are not designed to be worn while eating. During meal times and any other time that they are out of your mouth, they must be kept in the secure container supplied.

At first the retainers may feel slightly tight and make speaking more difficult. This should only last for a few days.

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    Problems you may face with your removable retainer

    Do Not Fit / Teeth Have Moved
    Make sure that they are seated properly onto your teeth and suck them into place. Wear them as much as possible (day & night). If they are too loose or too tight this is because your teeth have moved a little and the retainers will help to move them back again. They should then start to fit more comfortably.
    Lost Retainers
    If you do lose your retainers make an appointment as soon as possible. A charge will be made for replacements. You may receive a full or partial refund from Forth Valley Health Board, but this is entirely at their discretion.
    Rubbing / Damaged
    Try to wear them so that your teeth do not slip but make an appointment as soon as possible to have them adjusted or remade. Remember to bring them with you.

      Cleaning your retainer

      To clean your retainer, use an old toothbrush, cold water and liquid soap. Do not use toothpaste. If you want to disinfect them, a proprietary cleaning agent called “Retainer Brite”, is available for sale at reception.

        Missed appointments

        It is in your own interest not to miss appointments, as your teeth are also at risk if your retainers are not monitored regularly by an orthodontist. A charge will be made for missed appointments or appointments cancelled at less than 24hrs notice.


          If you are concerned about anything related to your treatment, please phone and discuss your query with any of our staff. We will always endeavour to see anyone with pain related to their appliance. This may be because your brace has broken or has become loose. As this is a busy practice, we would be grateful that you always contact the practice and arrange a time to be seen rather than just arriving at the practice hoping to be seen. You can reach us at Stirling 01786 475997 or Falkirk 01324 621130.

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