NHS Treatments

We offer the highest quality orthodontic treatment available under the NHS, for eligible patients.

During your initial consultation, we will carry out an assessment to determine the requirement and eligibility of patients for treatment. This assessment is based on recognised Scottish NHS guidelines. There is usually no waiting list for your initial assessment.

Eligible patients are those patients who will benefit from treatment on the grounds of dental health. Additionally, in some borderline cases, children may be offered orthodontic treatment on the grounds of aesthetics or appearance. Eligibility for NHS usually takes 8 weeks to confirm.

Patients considered to have less severe irregularities of their teeth will not be eligible for funding under the NHS. However, all patients can still benefit from an increased range of treatments, carried out under our private treatment options.

Ortho Young Woman


With Invisalign, you can have your teeth straightened without metal wires and brackets getting in the way.

Teeth straightening

Our team offer a range of teeth straightening solutions using a variety of braces.